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Id Guinness: Reviews

Cure for the Common Crush reviews

Thank you for creating some wonderful music. I don't know if you got to listen to the show, but I made the comment that if your song "The One That Got Away" had been around 20-30 years ago and played on corporate radio, that we would be listening to it today as a "classic" rock song, along side those of Pink Floyd and the Moody Blues. I think it's that powerful.

Good luck and continued success. Don't hesitate to let me know what I or my show can do for you.
Don D. Lewis, Host/Producer - The Big Break Podcast

On one of my typically shiftless evenings, I found this Canadian gem laying amongst the rocks and flotsam and jetsam washed ashore. It’s a special treat from Vancouver - - Id Guinness. The song, “Rising River” has been on my mind quite a bit recently. The song and its clean production values shine. And, as a result, I have kind of been haunted by Id Guinness’ voice. I burned this song more than a month ago and generally listen to it about once a day. When everyone else is showing every indication and desire to go harder, faster and with more distortion effects - here's some real talent with clean production values. Good Stuff!!

Your stuff sounds great man. The wife and I are sitting here grooving to it on the myspace jukebox.
Happy trails
Mike Scott, The Waterboys - Myspace
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