Singer-songwriter/producer/keyboardist Id Guinness has performed and recorded with many Canadian and international artists over the years. Currently, he is also a member of the Vancouver art rock band 'Red Herring.'

In 2007, Id released the album "Cure for the Common Crush" which was critically acclaimed by reviewers across North America and Europe. A video for the song “Wailing Wall” was featured at the 2010 Chicago International Music and Movie Festival.

The follow-up album "Soul Envy" was released in March 2010 and his last 'Lost Language' in July 2018.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you listen to this album with headphones on. Doing so you can really hone in and concentrate on his voice…He sounds like Bowie…great hooks involved in each track., Sept. 24/18

genre-blurring sound that should be equally appealing to fans of alternative rock, shoegaze, new wave, and melodic progressive rock…laid back and dreamy, even when up-tempo and rocking…conjures up (for us) images of David Bowie and Iva Davies…so enjoyable to listen to over and over again. –, Sept 5/18

…definitely puts you in a vibe and takes you on an inward journey via his extremely introspective lyrics. His sound is also quite something to behold… If you're a fan of modern, post-modern, or even classic-rock then you've gotta give this album a listen. –

…the songs have amazing hooks and seem to attack from all directions. Guinness seems to know exactly where he's going, but he's willing to let his songs stray a bit. Then the piece settles in, the song locks onto its target and BAM…Enjoyment is guaranteed. – Aid&, Aug. 13/18