Lyrics: Soul Envy 

Guardians of the New Frontier
(111 Washington Avenue, March 9, 2008)

Guardians of the New Frontier
Keepers of the Gated Community
In a weak moment I threw away my keys
Can you let me in?

Got no safe place left to hide
Got no offers of immunity
Stained the source of all my joy and pride
Can you let me in?

All my indiscretions
Tawdry Mayflower sessions
Hold no comfort for me now
Hell has got no fury
Like my judge and jury
I know I’ll have to face her soon but how?

What else then could I have done
To sate my morbid…

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Lyrics: Cure for the Common Crush 

Rising River

I have crossed a rising river Many trials I’ve come through I have burned a bridge behind me Now what is left for me to do But love you baby   I have lost all of my history And all the favour I have known I have come to take you higher All this way to lay you down And love you baby   In this blue battered memory I’ve kept little thoughts alive The sound of a songbird’s grief The taste of your lips so sweet These things have survived    Lyrics and Music by Id Guinness © 2007 RapidRead more